Motion Capture

VIPS and VPRS are ideal tools for the film, game, TV and VR industry – offering a stand-alone indoor positioning system or an extension to the use of GNSS based technologies in areas where GNSS is not available, such as in film, TV and game studios.

The dynamic, real-time measurement and recording of 3D position to within ±2 cm provides an adaptable solution in the most challenging of environments.


As more computer-generated imagery finds its way into motion pictures and TV shows as well as games and real-time VR productions, the need increases for accurate tracking of cameras, actors, props and other objects. As GNSS signals are typically unavailable indoors and optical tracking systems require a clear line of sight, the use of GNSS based or optical tracking technologies is challenging or even impossible.


What are the Applications?

VIPS and VPRS have been designed by in-house RACELOGIC engineers, providing us with the agility for bespoke adaptations to meet customer needs, with no limits placed on the potential applications of this cutting-edge technology.

We are already in discussions with a variety of partners in the media and entertainment industry to implement VIPS or VPRS for the following applications:

  • Camera tracking for match moving
  • Actor tracking and position aid for motion capture
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Real-time virtual productions

We are particularly keen to talk with integrators and technical partners wishing to explore just how effective VIPS and VPRS can be when applied to challenges facing the media and entertainment industry.