The high dynamic capabilities of VIPS and VPRS makes them ideal testing solutions for the automotive sector – offering an extension to the use of GNSS based technologies in areas where GNSS is not available.


What are the Applications?

VIPS and VPRS have been designed by in-house RACELOGIC engineers, providing us with the agility for bespoke adaptations to meet customer needs, with no limits placed on the potential applications of this cutting-edge technology.

VIPS applications include:

  • Performance Testing (acceleration and braking)
  • Handling and Dynamics
  • Crash Testing
  • Tyre Testing
  • ADAS sensor validation

The flexible installation of VIPS also makes it ideal for testing in:

  • Tunnels
  • Ice Rinks
  • Indoor/ Underground Car Parks
  • GNSS denied test track sections eg tunnels, tree coverage etc.

VPRS applications include:

  • ADAS Testing
  • Static target testing
  • Point-to-point distance measurement